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Pronounced "es-kyu-LEY-pee-uhns," Aesculapians is an honorary service organization that is devoted to improving our community – both the city of Detroit and the Wayne State University School of Medicine – through volunteering and service. In addition to participating in many community service programs throughout the year, the Aesculapians are also involved with many medical school activities including First-Year Orientation, the Annual Alumni Telefund, and sponsorship of the ever popular Lampoon.

Member Selection

Every March, new members are nominated and elected by their peers for their dedication and participation in extracurricular activities that make a significant impact to our community.  Our organization consists of approximately 50 members from all four classes.

What Is Lampoon?
Every year, Aesculapians puts on a fun and laughter-filled event called Lampoon. At Lampoon, we celebrate a parody of life in medical school and use the proceeds to support a local Detroit charity that does work we find particularly valuable. Over the years, we have found incredible organizations that do work with far-reaching and outstanding impact to our community here in Detroit. Each year, we select a new organization to support with not only our Lampoon proceeds, but also through our dedicated volunteerism.

View a video from Lampoon 2016:


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